Doulas: The Emotional Rocks of Childbirth


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If you’re like many new moms, you may have never ever heard of a doula before. That’s about to change. Doulas are some of the least known members of the labor and delivery team, but may prove to be some of the most important to you or someone you know.

While we provide some amazing services like a chair massage in Pleasant Grove, or a prenatal massage, these people provide moral and emotional support that may just be unmatched!

What is a doula?

A doula may be described by some as a childbirth angel, a pregnancy best friend, or a life saver. These powerhouse people are there specifically for YOU. That’s it, no hidden agenda or grunts and groans about their job. They do it because they love the miracle of birth and the wonderful and special time of pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood.

They provide needed emotional support before, during, and after delivery, as well as some potentially necessary physical support during that time as well (helping around the house, helping you move positions during labor and delivery, and helping your baby get on a good sleep schedule). They really are the superhero friends of the pregnancy and birthing process.

Do doulas have formal training?

Doulas aren’t required to go through any formal training, but there are many different organizations that provide training and certification to add recognition, respect, and referrals to a doula’s resume. Doulas that do receive training and formal certification can then be added to databases of certified doulas for referrals purposes. Doulas almost universally have personal experience with childbirth and a love and passion for helping the birthing process be a meaningful time to mothers and their families.

What can a doula help me with?

Doulas can focus on many different aspects of the pregnancy and motherhood stage of life. Many can also provide added services for mothers such as lactation consulting, sleep scheduling, photography, placenta storage, etc. Doulas often help with pre- and post-partum periods of time which can be very stressful and difficult times for new mothers.

At the end of the day, birth is an incredible time for women and their families! Doulas are there to help in any way they can as the you-focused teammate you may need during your pregnancy and childbirth. If you’d like to research more about doulas, a great resource is Remember that if you’re looking for a chair massage in Pleasant Grove, or any other massage needs, Paradise is where you want to go!



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