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Why Teachers Need Massage Therapy

By Dr. Joseph J Cilea, DO

School teachers have an incredibly important and demanding job. With most of their time spent educating younger people, and managing a number of distractions and stressful situations in the classroom, it’s easy for them to end up neglecting their health and wellness. The high level of pressure coupled with overcrowded classes and high teacher-to-student ratios can lead to neck and back pain, which left untreated can get worse with each passing year. If you’re a teacher dealing with muscle tension or you care about someone who is, it’s time you looked into the benefits of massage therapy.

Top Benefits of Alternative Medicine

The physical stresses of being an educator can really wear on the body. Every day, teachers spend tons of time on their feet-they bend, lean over, squat, grade papers with their head down and look at computer screens for long amounts of time. Many of these repeated activities can lead to muscle pain, but some guided relaxation techniques and stress relief can do wonders. If you’re a teacher (or your loved one is) and you’re looking for some ways to relieve muscle tension, here are some tips to get back on your feet with ease.

If you don’t have time to schedule a deep tissue massage, relieve pain by stretching at your desk. It may seem awkward to do stretching exercises at your desk, but when compared to the effects of muscle pain, it’s well worth it. You can get creative, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Take a deep breath, lift your shoulders up toward your ears, hold and release. Perform these shoulder shrugs three times to relieve neck and shoulder pain. You can also shake your head back and forth slowly five to 10 times for even greater relief.

Twist your torso by grabbing the back of the chair with your right hand and holding the arm rest with your left, then switch sides.

Perform some leg extensions by holding the seat of the chair with your hands, straightening your legs and raising them up and down. Try not to touch the floor with your feet for more of a challenge.

Visit a health and wellness center when your body is in pain; an alternative medicine practitioner with holistic treatments can be just what you need to de-stress and relax. A professional can offer a customized wellness program to address your specific work demands to bring you to a state of overall well-being. With an integrated approach to treatment, they’re able to provide pain management, chiropractic, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, nutrition and stress relief for comprehensive wellness care.

Explore your options with massage therapy.

Petrissage Massage Technique – Applied deep pressure compressing the underlying muscles similar to kneading.

Effleurage massage technique – Light movements or strokes to warm up and relax the muscle before using petrissage.

Stripping of the muscle – Deep pressure along the muscle fibers usually from origin of the muscle to insertion.

Trigger Point – Applied deep pressure to the affected area where the trigger point is.

Myofascial Release – Alternative medicine technique involving gentle blend of pressure and massage to free up muscle tissue that may be impending on nerves or blood vessels.

As a teacher, you or your loved one deserve to learn the benefits of massage therapy to experience a boost in health and wellness. There’s no reason to suffer. All it takes is a bit of focus to overcome the long-term detrimental effects of bad physical habits and bad posture.

You deserve to live a pain-free life, and achieving it shouldn’t be a struggle.

Dr. Joe Cilea, DO, is the founder of Advanced Wellness, a multi-disciplinary practice dedicated to your good health since 1997. Located in Marlboro New Jersey and serving Monmouth County, Dr. Cilea and his staff are focused on helping you with pain relief, physical therapy, speeding recovery from sports injuries, arthritis, migraines, whiplash, and osteoporosis. Offering a full array of chiropractic services for your health and well being, call Advanced Wellness for a consultation (732) 917-4624. You can read more about the specific services and techniques we offer on our website.

Article Source:  Why Teachers Need Massage Therapy