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Learn from Paradise Massage How to Give Your Significant Other a Decent Massage!

Paradise Massage has some tips for you to use at home! Do you love serving your significant other by providing them a comforting and relaxing massage? When you can’t get over to use the experts at Paradise Massage for your needs, consider these tips for massage at home.

Paradise Massage Suggests You Make it an Experience!

To set up for your homegrown massage, don’t just begin massaging. Prepare the room for a special ambiance—light some candles, turn on calming music, and use the power of scent. Try massage oils or essential oils to enhance the experience. Especially consider calming scents like lavender, while also knowing the scent preferences of your significant other and incorporating those where possible.

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Tips from Paradise Massage for Your At-Home Massage Technique

Don’t talk too much when you are giving the massage. In this way, they can focus on relaxing and the way their body feels. If they’re trying to stay engaged in a conversation with you, the moment stops being all about them. Also, don’t rush through it. Don’t make hurried movements or skip steps.   Pay attention to what they are enjoying and what they aren’t. Focus on what your hands are doing. You want each muscle you are working on to be relaxed and drawn out. Don’t try to do more than one spot on their back at a time. If too much is going on, it complicates the body’s experience. Think about where their problem areas are, and help alleviate those. Remember that the body is interconnected, and the tension that is perhaps in the lower back could actually be due to, say, tight hips. Overall, be mindful as you give what will most likely be a well-received service to your significant other. And for all of the times your hands will need a break from massaging, Paradise Massage will be ready to take over!


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