Massage Therapy in Pleasant Grove—Cheaper by the Statistics

Pleasant Grove Massage Therapy is More Bang for Your Buck

Massage Therapy in Pleasant Grove happens at the same time, in the same way, and to pretty much the same people every day. There’s really not that many differences between a massage you will get on your Friday night getaway to a high rise hotel in Salt Lake, on your way home from work in Pleasant Grove, or on your summer golf trip to St. George.

The therapists are going to do the best job they can, you’re going to enjoy the relaxing time that you can rejuvenate and work the tension out of your muscles, and you’re going to go home feeling invigorated. One of the only primary differences you’re going to see between a St. George and Pleasant Grove massage happens in your pocketbook and on your bank account. See, while you’re going to be getting the same end result, the price for getting there is much, much different depending on where you go.

What do the Statistics Say about Massage Therapy in Pleasant Grove?

So if you were to take the statistics for an inexperienced licensed massage therapist’s hourly wage in Pleasant Grove and in St. George, you would find that the Pleasant Grove massage therapist makes about $13.12 each hour. If you took the same licensed but inexperienced therapist and put them in St. George, they would rake in $17.57 each hour. Now that may not seem like a whole lot different, but let’s look at the numbers in a different way.

The Pleasant Grove therapist makes 25% less than the St. George therapist for the same work. If you look at a yearly difference, the St. George therapist (if he/she only worked 20 hours a week) would make $4,600 more each year than the Pleasant Grove therapist (if he/she only worked 20 hours a week), and if they worked 40 hours each week then that number would increase to $9,256 more per year.

So what does this have to do with you? It means your pocketbook is eating the difference when you decide to go down to St. George, take a relaxing vacation, and get a massage there instead of right around the corner from your home. Don’t break the bank to relax—you can do it right here in Pleasant Grove.

So when you’re looking for a getaway, or maybe just a relaxing break from the everyday, there’s no need to look beyond Utah County for some great Massage Therapy in Pleasant Grove!

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