Pleasant Grove Massage Experts on Relaxation

Some of Our Favorite Relaxation Tips—By the Pleasant Grove Massage Experts on Relaxation

We’re just starting one of the busiest months of the year and relaxation needs to be on the top of all of our minds –both the Pleasant Grove Massage Experts on Relaxation, as well as all you relaxation seekers at home or work. Relaxation is something necessary, especially with all the upcoming things that will pull our time away from the things we want to do.

You probably have end of year parties, graduation ceremonies, graduation dinners, awards ceremonies, sports games, sports banquets, and all the other end of school events. Amidst all the chaos that makes up the months of May and June, it’s going to be necessary to have a few go-to relaxation methods in your toolbox for this next busy month. Let us help you stock the toolbox with some of our favorite relaxation methods so you can find your own personal nirvana during end of school madness!

Top Two Tips from the Pleasant Grove Massage Experts on Relaxation Specialists

  1. Visualization—visualization is an awesome way to bring about relaxation in a crazy day. The wonderful thing about this method is its portability—you don’t need headphones, you don’t need a massage table or therapist, all you really need is your mind. Try to visualize yourself on a soft chair on the beach with the soft white sand between your toes listening to the waves of the sea crash against the rocks down the coast. Do you feel relaxed? Yeah, that’s exactly what visualization is—imagining yourself in a relaxing environment and letting your mind relax your body as it gets whisked away to a pseudo-paradise within the vast expanses of the mind.
  2. Breathing—this is one of our favorite ways to relax on the go in between or even during events that may stress us out. Breathing, just like visualization, only requires your body and your mind—but remember that focus is really important. There are various methods of relaxation breathing, but remember that it starts with the mind focused on breathing, and allowing your body to take deep relaxing breaths. Breathing paired with focus by the mind on the number of breaths or the duration can be extremely relaxing.


So just remember that when you’re going crazy this month with all the different things vying for your time and attention, that the massage experts at Paradise Massage in Pleasant Grove have two time-tested relaxation methods ready for you and your crazy month.

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