Relax and Reflex

Reflexology and Relaxation

Whether you’re a massage junkie or not, relaxation is an important part of everybody’s day to day life—reflexology is one way to find that R&R you’re looking for. Winding down has become one of the most important phrases in my vocabulary—and when it doesn’t happen, my days just don’t work as well.

We want to introduce you to a few relaxation techniques in general, including one that we offer here at Paradise, that will help you on the crazy busy days, and the rare few in between.

Reflexology is simply the application of pressure to areas on your ears, hands, and feet with the goal of improving general health and well being as well as relaxation. These techniques are used under the theory that certain areas on the hands, feet, and ears correlate to areas, organs, and systems in the rest of the body. Our trained therapists will amaze you as they apply strategic pressure to these points on your body.

Breathing Tips from Your Reflexology Experts

Another great tool for relaxation is breathing. Careful breathing can relax a person even during extreme, anxiety-inducing, or stressful situations. We want to talk about a couple of breathing techniques that you may find to be lifesavers on your quest for relaxation and peace.

  1. Simple Counting. One of the simplest methods for relaxing breathing is simply counting. One way to accomplish this is through counting the seconds it takes to inhale, and then count the seconds it takes to exhale. Breathe deeply while counting. This takes the mind off of external situations and places it in the now. Another way is to count the number of times you exhale or inhale or both.
  2. Another way to use breathing as a form of relaxation is utilizing a longer exhale to induce relaxation in the body. If your exhaling can take a little bit more time (think 1 to 3 seconds or counts) than your inhaling, your body naturally responds by relaxing itself.

Whether breathing is your solution, or reflexology sounds like just the thing you need to try, relaxation is within your reach. We’d love to help you find the perfect way to relax. Check out our services and offerings, including reflexology, today.

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