Swedish Massages: The Rest of the Story

Swedish Massages: The Rest of the Story

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Swedish Massages: The Rest of the Story – Sweden is the beautiful Scandinavian country sometimes lovingly called (as are many of the other neighboring countries) the land of the midnight sun. Though many people may not know a ton about Sweden, it is known for much more than just meatballs and fish candy. Some of the greats have come out of this fantastic Northern European country. We have the Swedes to thank for Ikea, Abba, H&M, and Volvo.

Notice that the Swedish massage was not included in the list of wonderful super Swedish things. We’re going to take a deeper look at the history behind Swedish massages and figure out if it is really our Swedish friends across the pond that we need to thank for these glorious de-stressing massages. Before we dive in, make sure to remember that when you’re looking for a massage therapist in Pleasant Grove, you check out Paradise Massage Studio and our team of experienced therapists!

What’s in a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massages are defined and characterized largely by the five massage techniques used during the massage. Here are brief descriptions of each technique:

  • Effleurage—defined as stroking movements, effleurage is often used on the back in massages with long light strokes with the hand or fingers
  • Petrissage—defined as kneading, petrissage presses and kneads muscles to invite relaxation
  • Tapotement—also known as tapping, usually the side of the hand is used to strike the muscles
  • Friction—deep tissue stroking and rubbing using circular hand movements
  • includes a back and forth movement of the hands to essentially shake muscles into relaxed states

Who invented it?

While many falsely attribute Peter Ling (a Swede) with the creation of Swedish massages, this is not necessarily the case. Ling did not use the now generally accepted terms of Swedish massages in his work or his massage practice. If the Swedish massage is defined by its terms and movements (and strangely enough, it seems to be), Peter Ling was definitely not the creator many esteem him to be. However, a Dutch massage practitioner, named Johan Mezger, adopted the French terms used now to define the widely loved and practiced Swedish massage.

So it’s up to you to decide whom we have to thank for what we know now as the Swedish massage. Either way, no matter who created this widely loved technique; we all get to benefit immensely from it. And remember, when you need a great massage therapist in Pleasant Grove, Paradise Massage Studio is your place!

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